Embark on a journey of transformation with our Online Wellness Professional Education Course

Professional Education

Embark on a journey of transformation with our Online Wellness Professional Education Course

Professional Education

Discover the Ancient Secrets that can Alleviate Chronic Impossible Pain

Your Patients Don't Have to Live with Chronic Pain Anymore!

Discover How Your Clients Can Take Back Control of Their Lives And Live The Healthy Life They've Always Wanted

Best Pain Relief Course

This course contains the proven solutions you will need to combat your chronic pain and rid of your pain for good!

Successful Track Record

My methodology has been shared with a multitude of clients. I have a proven track record for relieving chronic pain with a physical therapy education background and over 23 years of hands-on research.

Course Structure

You’ll get the knowledge and strategies you need to address chronic issues and learn how to help the body heal by itself.This course is designed to give you bite-sized, actionable content that will be available for you 24/7.

Additional Support

Members will also have the ability to schedule one or more consultations with me, as well as receive my news letter reminders and tips.

Live Instructor Led Webinars

Take a journey with your instructor as she walks you through an in-depth training seminar into the causes of Chronic Pain and The Ancient Secrets of relieving Chronic Pain FOR GOOD.

Discover the secret formula that attacks pain at it's root cause to finally free your clients from Crippling Chronic Pain that once controlled their lives..

Advance your career and expertise with Ethelyn's Massage professional Continuing Education (CEU) Course

Professional CEU Course!

  • You'll learn how to relieve chronic pain quicker and more thoroughly, thus producing a lasting result.
  • Muscles are tight for a reason. Let me teach you the principles and techniques I've learned to completely eliminate chronic aches and pains that plague our society. Even unique and rare hard-to-cure problems respond well to my program.
  • Come learn the newest information regarding chronic pain management.

You'll Get!

You'll get hands-on instruction on how to ASSESS, PALPATE and TREAT chronic muscular problems so you can help them heal faster and get better results.

You'll Learn!

You'll learn even more when you join my Facebook Group Page for Professionals. I'll discuss Case Studies and you can ask questions. You'll learn how to help clients stop destabilizing their joints and straining their muscles, thus, preventing further debilitating conditions.

Continuing Education!

Continuing Education Units (CEU's) will be provided in your field of service once the hands-on modules are completed.

Rejuvenate your body and mind with the benefits of Massage Therapy in Tempe at Ethelyn's Massage

Online Content

Move through the content at your own pace! It is not a race, it is a journey to uncovering how to heal your clients from Chronic Pain!

  • Easy Consumable Content
    The content has been broken down into tiny, easy-to-consume parts. I know you are busy and may not be able to sit in front of your computer for hours to take this course. DON'T. This content is yours to keep. Take your time, follow the steps, and learn how to care for yourself and others.
  • Step By Step
    The content is step by step. I have completely simplified the material to take the guessing game out of the equation. Just listen and take action on your journey to a pain-free life!
  • Additional Content
    As a registered member, you will continue to receive news letters containing a ton more value and additional tips to continue a pain free life.
Discover the soothing relief of Pain Relief Massage in Tempe, AZ, at Ethelyn's Massage

Additional Services

It is important that even after this course, you continue to stay on the path to pain relief.

  • Offline, Local Customers
    For my local clients, You have will have the benefit to work with me in person. I offer many different services to ensure you live a pain free life.
  • Online, Virtual Clients
    Coming soon, I will be offering live virtual courses!
  • Professional Education
    For Professionals working in the wellness industry, I will be offering professional education courses teaching my pain relief techniques!
Ethelyn Schaeffer a Owner and Instructor at Ethelyn's Massage specializing in Pain Relief Therapies

Meet Your Instructor

When you do my program, you give your body the GREATEST potential to heal itself naturally!

Ethelyn Schaeffer

Pain Relief Specialist

Licensed Massage Therapist With a Physical Therapist Assistant Degree Specializing in Pain Relief Therapies


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"I didn't know why my back hurt for many years. Ethelyn told me what to do and even though I didn't like changing, I did what she said and my lifelong pain is gone."


David, a valued client of Ethelyn's Massage, shares their heartfelt review of their satisfaction


"I talked to Ethelyn on the phone and she was amazing! She told me why I had shoulder pain and how to get rid of it! What she said makes sense, and I am going to support her efforts to change the healthcare system.”


Naomi, a satisfied client of Ethelyn's Massage, shares her review and experience


“I have had sciatic pain for 7 years and could hardly walk. I was stubborn and didn't believe anyone could help me - the chiropractor and physical therapist didn't! I would have lived with the terrible sciatic pain the rest of my life if I wouldn't have found Ethelyn. What she says to do, works!”​


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