Shoulder pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, back, and leg pain, are the most common complaints of hairdressers. They love their jobs, but often retire early or change careers due to pain. That’s not acceptable!
Let me free you of your pain!
Could you believe that you could not have these aches and pains and still work as hard as you do? You can!
You see, you are causing your aches and pains. You are causing your body to be stressed when you sleep in less-than-perfect positions. You’ve studied anatomy and physiology.
You understand the body. The trouble is, you have not been told how to care for it properly. In fact, in hair design school, you were told that this is common and often expected of this job.

They told you to stretch your forearms, stretch your back and legs, do shoulder curls. Has that helped? Only temporary. These things are ok to do in acute situations but not for chronic pain. But the good thing is, you won’t have to wait until an occasional pain turns into an everyday pain. I can teach you what to do to prevent and even allow the body to heal itself if you have these aches and pain, even if they are severe.
Most hairdressers suffer from some form of chronic pain. They’ve assumed it was from their job. It isn’t and I can prove it. Or rather, you can prove it. You’ll have to change something in order to get a change, but it won’t be your job or your hobbies. 
Let’s figure out the answer so you can feel at ease in your job.
Stretching doesn’t work. It will even make it worse. Why? Because those areas are already OVER stretched! That’s why they hurt. Hmm.

You certainly can stretch them for only a few seconds and ONLY if they are hurting bad enough for you to stop your work. Otherwise, if you stretch it continually you could be actually increasing inflammation, tightness, and, therefore, pain. You have to start at the beginning, and I guess you have: knowledge. 

Now, let’s put that knowledge to work.
I suggest you start with this protocol:

  1. Get a massage. However, don’t let it be a hurtful massage, especially on those forearms! A massage, or any therapeutic treatment, shouldn’t hurt. It should be firmly loving and deep enough to release the inflammation in the area, not causing more inflammation.
  2. Rest the body, especially that area, after a massage. Get a massage in the evening or on a day off so you can minister to your body.
  3. Sleep anatomically neutral. In case you forgot what that is, it is straight like a soldier stands. In other words, flat on your back, no pillow. This is the position where you will not strain those muscles, joints and nerves that you’ve been hurting.
  4. Stop inflammatory beverages. Yes, I know life is stressful, but so is pain. Do you want the pain gone? Decide. Changes have to be made. Coffee, teas, soda pop, energy drinks, energy pills and nicotine, are all inflammatory substances that will make you toss and turn at night. Restless sleeping causes various muscles to ache and hurt from sleeping wrong.
  5. After you quit the inflammatory substances, add more water. It won’t do you any good to drink a lot of water and continue the negative beverages. At least do it for 30 days and see how you feel. If you feel better, why go back to ‘worse’?
  6. Eat more raw vegetables and fruits. Substitute these for grains if you can. You’ll see a difference but it’ll take a while. Accentuate the greens. They supply your insides with the right microbiome and give you energy. The natural energy you get from eating lots of vegetables will assist you in letting inflammatory substances go.

If you don’t follow these basic instructions, you cannot have the foundation to let your body heal. I have much more to say in further articles, so feel free to follow me and leave some comments.

These are the simple tasks to free you of your pain. I wish I was there to give you one of my perfect massages, but since we’re online, I wish you the best in finding a caring therapist. I’ll be teaching them my ways in classes soon and you will benefit even more. 

I hope I’ve helped you overcome your aches and pains and not think that your job caused your pain. If you want relief for specific aches and pains, see my other articles.

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