No! Absolutely NOT!

Medical doctors tell you to ‘toughen up’ – it’s just in your head!

Your pain is NOT your imagination. Certainly our imagination can affect our pain, but real pain is a physical fact and needs to be addressed physically.

I cringe when another healthcare professional diagnoses someone in pain as having a psychosocial problem. To tell you the truth, that’s what they are being taught in school. Physical therapy school, medical school, chiropractor school. This mentality will trickle down to treating chronic pain patients with a gentle pat on the shoulder that it’s going to be alright. The professional will provide comfort for their “psycho-social stress” and “referred pain symptoms.”

When they tell you it’s all in your head – and you know it’s not!

The modern way that the healthcare professions are handling pain now is to analyze it, knowledge-ize it, big-word it, so you feel they know so much more about pain than you.

But really, is your pain gone?

So WHAT IF it’s ‘all in your head’? Who cares? You want it gone! That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? Wouldn’t that be why you are paying them? They are the professionals, right? They should KNOW. That’s why they went to school and earn big money!

When they use big words, mainly Greek renditions, they are trying to scare you off from asking any more questions. Like the common complaint, arthritis. Arthritis is two words: arth, which means joint, and itis which means inflammation of. Now if you come in with pain in your elbow and the doctor says the diagnosis is ‘pain or inflammation in the elbow’, what are you paying for? You already knew that.

Alternative Therapies 

Even massage therapy is being taught as a more relaxation perk. By teaching that relaxation is the purpose of massage, the medical profession looks over at massage therapists and does not have to worry about us accidently ‘fixing’ their pain, just pacifying clients.

But hands-on therapy is one of the best ways to get to the bottom of the problem(s) and treating the whole person. I personally feel that massage should be a prerequisite to entering the healthcare referral system. Or at least an option for clients to take either before, during or after the system treats someone. It certainly is less expensive, easily available and, as part of the routine medical appointments. It could calm and comfort client’s emotional and physical complaints. Isn’t that, after all, the goal of the doctors/healthcare professionals? I hope so.

Acknowledging Healings

Healthcare professionals have a lot of power and authority and their recommendations have been taken as ‘the only way to go’. The system has tried to squelch any alternative options. Even Wikipedia says certain things are incurable. Really? How, and why, are there occasional ‘miracles’? Why isn’t the system acknowledging these? Embarrassment? Mis-diagnosis? It was all in their head? Wow, how scientific.

It’s time the system lets lose it’s reigns on our autonomy and supplies us with all the options. If they don’t have the option, then why chastise us, limit us, exclude us who want to both have the brains to see there are options, and the right to choose which to take. Knowledgeable doctors can give us feedback and scientific documentation but if we provide counter documentation, it will only behoove them to honor us and wait for results, being there with their options as needed.

Is Your Choice Valued? Are You Valued?

Many years ago doctors used to threaten us and take us to jail if we didn’t do what they said. They were God. It is time they acknowledge they are simple men there to guide us. And let it be known that if their guidance is force, it is not supportive to our personhood. The revelatory trend is to be a person, and valued as a person.

Knowledge is Readily Available

There is so much information online now that we can access it ourselves. We can learn all they learn in school, at least from books, not the ‘hands-on’, but when we pay a healthcare professional to give us advice, we are not paying them to ‘own’ us. We want their input. Lets help educate them.

There’s Change Coming to the Healthcare System

The professionals will have to give up their latest notion that pain is in our heads and give us more availability to other resources that outright benefit the body, mind and soul: Massage, Coaching Groups. Friends. Support Groups. Healthy Food Classes. Exercise. Hobbies. Activities. Dancing. Fun. Many of these could be had for little or nothing and our healthcare system and insurance costs will plummet. 

Foxes Look for Chickens

In fact, insurance companies should pay for us for keeping ourselves healthy so they don’t have to spend money. But they gain more control of the system if they control the purse strings of who can get care and who cannot. Control is their goal, with the government – which is you and me, paying them for their ‘oversight’ of the system. It’s like letting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.

Insurance is the Culprit

If insurance companies wouldn’t try to get bigger bills, our healthcare expenses would be miniscule. 

Having alternatives to assist the body in both prevention and healing, insurance companies should scramble for these options to keep people out of their hands. But since they always get a piece of the pie when someone is sick, they go for the higher expense. 

Can We Change the Healthcare System? 

How do we change this? By demanding the right to care for ourselves and use healthcare professionals as inexpensive guides, valued only by their results. If I can get people with chronic pain well quicker and more thoroughly, then why am I not valued more? All we need is the proof. The client healed after many, many years of pain is proof. 

Do you want to get well quicker and more thoroughly? Then follow me and learn how.