Arthritis, backache, tight muscles, stiffness, fatigue. Chronic pain might not be everyday pain. Rather, you might hear pain ‘speak to you’ after a certain activity because it is still developing into a chronic condition and is, at times, hidden. It has been sitting there ‘waiting to happen’ because you have unknowingly accumulated bad habits in your lifestyle. 

Continued stiffness in the morning will turn into pain that you notice one weekend when you want to play golf, hike, bowl, or just lift your grandchild. Now it speaks to you louder and more often. That is chronic pain. Chronic pain eventually reveals itself due to the buildup of acidity. It just hasn’t been the ‘last straw on the camel’s back’ yet, until you wanted your body to do something — something that you always used to do. 

Aches and Pains Are a Build-up of Toxins

Each day your body should sluff off toxins, acids, and poisons, balancing itself into a homeostatic state so it can function normally. If it gets too out of balance it is not as efficient nor energetic. It’s ‘battery’ has too much of either acid or alkaline and is not as powerful or quick. Like a car that takes a few cranks to get going, a battery needs to have a balance of acid/alkaline so the two can interact properly and make energy.

 I will help you unwind the stiffness and get out of the habit of causing your own pain.

Acidity Needs to be Addressed 

Many of us have heard of alkaline diets, alkaline water, and alkaline lifestyle. Through my observing and coaching massage clients who I deeply cared about, I discovered many ways that we unknowingly increase our acidic pH and miss opportunities to bring balance to our bodies. This accumulates. This is one reason why doctors haven’t conquered chronic pain, but rather cover it up with medications or ‘eliminate the problem’ with surgery.

Healthcare Professionals Specialize in Acute Pain

Healthcare professionals are stumped regarding chronic pain. Sure, it’s inflammation, but then, how do they address it? They have no solid answers. Their treatments consist of stopping the pain message to the brain. Hmm. Is that eliminating the pain? Is it reducing the inflammation? I have found that their methods are to use chemical or physical means to overload the circuits to the brain so the message of pain can’t be sent. 

Another means to distract attention from the painful area is by making another area hurt more. And thirdly, a method is to teach you how to deal with the pain mentally.

How are these methods healing? Or is it just treating a symptom so you don’t feel it? These methods can be used by a healthcare system to make money. If you only knew the simple methods to address pain in a holistic way. If you care for yourself in a holistic way,  you will not add more burden to your nervous system nor will you have to incorporate mental affirmations so you don’t pay attention to the pain! 

Acute VS Chronic Pain

The ways healthcare professionals are treating acute pain are proper. They use ice, elevation, etc. to treat a sprained ankle. It decreases the swelling and therefore the redness and pain as well. All are in one package. If one aspect is responsive then the others are as well: redness, swelling, warmth and pain. …AND an acidic state!  

Medicating acute pain is all VERY good. But not chronic pain. This is where medications are taken out of line. Have you noticed that when you put an ice pack on to reduce the warmth, your pain also diminishes? The redness and swelling also go down.  Acute medications are not the right thing to do for chronic pain. Chronic pain does not have redness, swelling or warmth.

The acidic state is the missing link in chronic pain. I’ll teach you how to flip the switch from an acidic pH to a balanced pH.

Ask Me Anything…

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If you have suffered for many years, or if you want to be pain free as you age, there’s hope. There’s never a good reason to have pain.

My Pain Relief Program Teaches You 

How to Exchange Harmful Habits for a Pain Free Life

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